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I want to help accelerate your real estate investing career


I've gone from large amounts of student loan debt, to owning more rentals than I ever thought possible.  It was, and continues to be, hard work but I consider myself very blessed to be able to live my life the way I want.  I made mistakes but failed fast, and learned quickly.  I want to help you take a short cut to the same level of success.  


I love teaching and "paying it forward" and decided the best way to merge my passion and success in real estate with teaching is to offer limited, weekly 1:1 training slots for serious beginner investors. 

This personal, 1:1 real estate investor mentorship is designed to take you from an eager newbie to an experienced and confident investor with closed deals in a fraction of the time it took me to learn. I only work with serious investors that are highly motivated to hustle, and are eager to succeed faster and with fewer mistakes than everyone else.  You won't find this level of customized, real training in cookie cutter pre-recorded training courses.


My mentorship includes:

  • Free initial consultation to gauge mentorship fit (book below!)

  • Weekly 1:1 video coaching sessions with Mike to discuss goals, investor secrets, strategies, next steps and answer questions

  • Live discussion and instruction on important topics many investors overlook (e.g. deal sourcing, financing options, investing methods, legal and tax structures, etc.)

  • Access to my professional network of lenders, investors, insurers, and more.

  • Mike's personal cell number to text questions and get guidance 24/7!  You have a seasoned pro in your pocket at all times.

Book Your Free Mentorship Consultation

I'm excited to help you take your investing game to the next level, and to add you to my network of successful investors throughout the country!

-Mike Giuffre

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